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Five town's border Squam Lake Real Estate, Ashland Nh, Holderness Nh, Center Harbor Nh, Moultonbourough Nh, and Sandwich Nh. Squam Lake is located in the White Mountains on one of the most peaceful and quite Lakes in New Hampshire. Childhood and everlasting memories are created on  Squam Lake. Many wonderful stories have been shared from purchasing a Home or visiting family and friends on Squam lake.

 Squam Lake Real Estate consist of a small and large lake with a channel that connects Little Squam Lake To Big Squam Lake. Squam Lake Real Estate is where the 1981 film On Golden Pond was filmed.

Squam Lake Real Estate is a nesting site for Common Loons and is a good place to see them in breeding plumage during the summer months. Squam Lake Real Estate is also home to Bald Eagles and Great Blue Herons. Your family will be sure to fall in Love with Squam Lake weather you rent a Squam lake Summer Cottage or purchasing a Squam Lake Real Estate property. Contact Jackie Elliott at jackieelliot6@gmail.com, for more information on Squam Lake Real Estate For Sale. 



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